Meet some of your Trainers

Personal Trainer/NASM CPT/NASM WFS/NASM FNS Certified

Coach Amanda has been a certified personal trainer since 2014, and have trained dozens of individual clients as well as hundreds of members in group H.I.I.T. class environments. Coach Amanda is also a mother of two beautiful little girls that keep her on her feet at all times.
" They are my why... why I chose a career in movement and why I feel the need to spread the knowledge and it’s importance to other parents." Check out Coach Amanda's exclusive workout content right here on HiitFITTV.

Coach Amanda

HiitZone Specialist

Coach Mark

SpinZone Specialist

Personal Trainer/Explosive Performance Coach

Mark is a ACE certified Personal Trainer, who specializes in Strength & Power Conditioning, Weight Loss and H.I.I.T. Spin. He's dedicated to helping others achieve their personal fitness goals. You can check out Mark's electrifying H.I.I.T. Spin, Tabata style content right here on HiitFITTV. 

Coach Ava

HiitZone Specialist

Coach Ava brings a very unique perspective to the content we deliver. Coach Ava's workouts are short form, but still provide a good level of intensity, just in less time.
We have workouts for all fitness levels, and if you want to work your way up through intensity levels here might be a good place to start.

Personal Trainer/NASAM Certified

Chris is a firm believer in the benefits of fitness. He even goes as far as to say it saved his life. "I’ve always been overweight/obese and I usually turned to food to handle the stress the world gave to me. However, developing self discipline and staying committed to the grind cleared my head from unnecessary stress." Check out Chris's unique H.I.I.T. training style and interaction here on HiitFITTV.

Coach Chris

HiitZone Specialist

Unwavering Commitment


  • Gain access to our full library of high definition, follow along exercise content.
  • Precise biometric tracking with real time performance feed back.
  • View workout performance history with live statics. Collect rewards for performance.


  • Comprehensive Nutrition System - recipes, shopping lists and weekly planners. 
  • Hundreds of quick and easy, healthy recipe options. New recipes added every month.
  • All recipes are macro based with full, MyFitnesspal integration.  


  • Reliable support system - 24/7 access to certified, experienced personal trainers. 
  • Private in app Facebook group - stay motivated, interact with people with similar goals. 
  • Find workout partners, schedule group workouts, or competitive versus matches.